Who Sang I'm the Man? Quo Vadis

Release information
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash
length: 3:57

It's my time
I'm leaving you
Don't cry
Accept the truth
You know ' the thing
It's white for me
It's white for you
But black for us
You suffered
It wasn`t my pain
You spoke
It wasn`t my word
You slept
It wasn`t my dream
You lived
It wasn`t my life
I'm insane and I'm alone
Give me a hand
Cause I'm a man
I'm insane but I 'm alive
I'm bleeding again
Cause I'm a man
It's my time
I'm leaving you
Don't scream
Only this way is good
Can you hear me
I'm screaming again
Last time
There's nothing to say
You cried
These weren't my tears
You feared
It wasn`t my fear
You laught
It wasn`t my joy
You died
It was your choice

CD 1
  • 1 21:37
  • 2 Judasz
  • 3 Dominus
  • 4 I'm the Man
  • 5 Ishrael
  • 6 God
  • 7 Satine
  • 8 Mia
  • 9 Pax
  • 10 Bojownik 2
  • 11 Babel
  • 12 Feniks