Who Sang Host? Qwel

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length: 3:05

Narrative about a schizophrenic on the red line watchin his own reflection

Rubber Duckie rains (reigns), mangled drum drops that drips taps

Call it what it is, or call it what it ain't - that simple(?)

Hat cymbals (symbols) crash to fascinate a__holes to mask the mad simple

Crippled a__hole with a magic bag of dimples for your cancer

Rubber Duckie laughing answers out, well why you hackin' riddles?

That sunset there looks just like a painting, ask a black widow

She'll tell you that we made it, but she taped it to your back window

The pasty cream of cynisdom, inner wisdom tastes like being abstract

I think thee protest too much ("No I'm not, no I'm not") but it's just a hint though


The bride of free speech f___ed her brother the Rubber Duckie grins so....

I'm leavin' it up to you signed the un-wackest with 6 thumbs

It's like I must be bitin' both of us that spit dope

The illest period (.) Nope. Etcetera dot dot quote (..")

s___ on your inner wicked stepsister and her knock knock jokes

Rip your little Osh Kosh style and hotbox the hemp rope

Those that don't teach question mark (?) Dot end quote (.")

Rubber Duckie rains coats to dead man in mosquito p___ puddle

What you lookin' at? Your reflection's up here, but it's subtle

Your thoughts see it best dark in artificially lit tunnels

At least part of us writes, grip the Duckie tight with white knuckles

But the way I dance with us, glancin' up at frightened chuckles

He ain't nobody, but my twin will rock the mic just like I'm quite humble

The funnel spiders and black widows spin nets in case I stumble

Before I find my spot, to finally get it off my chest

Who the f___ I am and not why I'm not

Rubber Duckie's got glue boots and one trick(horse hooves)

Your moon is made of cheese, man, shake believe until the sun skips

He's glad you think about him when you write and all

But after all is said and done, you learned I love you

Then we can all

Peep the drum drip taps

Amongst your sunlit scraps

And Turrets

Um um

Boasting in the post script

How the oceans got froze

No s___

Who voted

I musta missed the meeting again I suppose


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  • 2 Wind Instrumental
  • 3 Host
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  • 5 Pinnochio Syndrome
  • 6 [silence]
  • 7 Dan Rather
  • 8 Lamp
  • 9 The War Reports in, Eurasia
  • 10 Monacle
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