Who Sang Fallen Rome? Qwel & Meaty Ogre

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length: 3:09
who knows what you been through
but they tell you you're all alone
that we're on our own
that's a lie
it's fools gold but they spend truth
and they sent you to fallen rome
but when in rome
fall in rome
for all that i been tthrough
and all that i meant to
and all that i am
i'll never call this home
or never fall in rome
the God i repent to, the God that i spend
the God i reflect who's the God i neglect
and all along i knew it all along
and all alone i blew it on my own

you're a man not a god
it whispers his ears
the tipping chipping bricks of rome
and homes as prisons and fear
it ain't apparent to him
so they tell him there's none living in here
when roaches won't live in they fear
enthroned the images clear
it's dividends beer and weapons
lepers "swellowed" down drunk
from his kingdom's sprouted rusted root
has grown a hollowed out trunk
but not without tons
of hallowed loot and down followed routes trudged
pops without sons and guns and bombs and moms without none
and ours without love and mouths without grub and lost direction
stars without shine and suns reply and rely on rome"s succesions
dependant on romes and the crumbs that it throws
succuming to cold a frozen sun its crumblin though

for all that i been through and all that i meant to
and all that i am ill never call this home
ill never fall in rome

thawin thrones and manic depression
and fallen souls gnawin antidepressants
lost and cold with the vanishin blessins
this frosted globe with the mannequin dressins
embossed in gold lost in foggy projections
haulin stones we just thought we"d erect us

  • 1 Wintro / Who's The Boogieman?
  • 2 ID Glue
  • 3 I Forgive 'Em
  • 4 Read Writer
  • 5 Saved
  • 6 Fallen Rome
  • 7 The Cyclops
  • 8 Winterlude
  • 9 Machinegun Monkey
  • 10 Cabin Fever
  • 11 Don Quixote
  • 12 High Tithe
  • 13 The Fourth Reich of the Rich
  • 14 Elijah the Prophet
  • 15 Practice for Hope
  • 16 Asceticism