Who Sang The Fourth Reich of the Rich? Qwel & Meaty Ogre

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length: 4:48
how many shorties born in debt to day
cause aint no question we was raised to be a slave in the system
victimised by the initials missile get they headins straight
thinkin wishful in the midst get stuck for debtors rates
not the holly ghandi or john d rocka on his get away
like jesus on the tables in your temples flip your cheddar plates
the more things change they stay the same feudal serfdom
twice the burden and toil but now the soil aint worth none
it"s funny when moneys backed by lies plus interest
but everybody clutchin for they lives what is this
we dummies nobody in they mind admits this
image blinded so nobody in they eyes aquitted
when every infant is a number
every number a limit
reduction quickens at the cypher we convinced its infinite
we can approach the hocus pocus till the focus diminish
lonely vultures grabbin riches his lonely throne in this prison

you haul 16 tons yall and what do you get
besides another day older colder deeper in debt
it seems for everyone forgiven
a million forget it
instead of resistin listen this is his weapon
we left decisions for the heavens
what if heavens within us among us
it aint metaphysics its physics they"ve hidden from us
no kiddin
you spit some real s___ and youll get strung up
but sell it out and get a class or mass to spit in front of
and none of these greedy f___ers give your mind respect
were easy to control and mold with our minds on stress
plucked my i from the iris of the irs
we tryin to die hard or scared for the imf
yellin f___em from my chest and leapt from zions crest
kept my eyes on the prize python eyein my neck
left bygone for buygones at saigons desk
comply yall and buy on naw rely on death

you haul thirty two tons yall and what do you get
besides a number for your name and disability checks
they lock you up for s___ they do we pay facilities rents
its kinda silly aint it not really to the childrens defense
just like the DA that we pay whos building this fence
press sneaks like a dj but ill in a sense
been killin it since when eve ate just buildin interest
rates a peakin secret treasure keeps him fillin his chest
just like breath to a hethen keeps him ill and arrested
or aquitted or s___ it might-ite get him elected
next elective selected rewrite the right to live objective
checks and balances by gallons and metallic infection
defective prisms for the difference the mission projected
how many messages we given wrong but livin this lesson
born indebted to the system of the thorn and the credit
performin it before a senate board (bored) ignorin i said it

you haul sixty four tons lord and what do you get
besides a scepter you can bow before now before death
an hour before pow and out the clouds like power of breath
towers of debt collectin cobwebs but now we got calluses
alice just challenged her class so its off with her head
offered her severence silver plattered like the baptist and said
servant aint nothin for certain cept these taxes and death
just like a serpent double fanged laughin slashin the s
envision it these b____es savages to grab at your sense
tobacco debacles to shackle followers hollowin grapple they dollars to shackle knowledge in
closets of colleges
hollarin it if you hear me yall in actual affect
it aint natural the fastened hold the national debt
the castle moats the lasso rope when the castles your neck

you haul sixteen tons yall and what do you get
besides a castle for a tyrant and a life in his debt
they walk you in a hurdled circle and charge you to step
charge you at birth charge you in court and charge you at death

  • 1 Wintro / Who's The Boogieman?
  • 2 ID Glue
  • 3 I Forgive 'Em
  • 4 Read Writer
  • 5 Saved
  • 6 Fallen Rome
  • 7 The Cyclops
  • 8 Winterlude
  • 9 Machinegun Monkey
  • 10 Cabin Fever
  • 11 Don Quixote
  • 12 High Tithe
  • 13 The Fourth Reich of the Rich
  • 14 Elijah the Prophet
  • 15 Practice for Hope
  • 16 Asceticism