Summer Solstice Lyrics - R. Carlos Nakai

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Aboriginal
length: 2:14
We wrestled with thoughts
Over a full box of wine
The cicadas were creaking
While God put Jacob in line

What's the world coming too?
Why even stake out what's mine
The earth might die screaming
Like sheep's wool pulled over Issac's eyes

My hearts been broken since this last June
The more you speak I see how much time has moved
The clanging of glasses sounds like the ghosts of old friends
A rhythm chanted to bring out the dead

Like Lazarus you live but did not ask to
A opossum can play dead and might still fool you
What could actually bring someone back when they've gone?
As far as I can tell nothing like that resolves

Our glasses now empty
And sunlight's going strong
A simple talk can't work out all that's been wrong
But everyday is soon past tense, The Moon cycles on
Till the waves stop crashing and the sun's heat dies off

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