Whispers In The Wind Lyrics - R. Carlos Nakai / William Eaton / Will Clipman

Will Clipman Dancing into Silence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-1-26
length: 4:20
producer: Robert Doyle
mixer: Jack Miller
recording engineer: Jack Miller
Yeah, ride
Roll something to this one right here, man you know what I'm
Nah, man, I can't roll nothing up to this one right here
We want to keep it all clean you know what I'm saying?
Yeah, ride with my, ride, ride
Just ride with me, ride with me

Yo, and I'll be here for you when there's no one else
I see things been getting hard, you need somebody's help
I'm really worried about the kid's of tomorrow's date
That's why I'm always conscious in everything I say
My little brother getting big, yo, he just turned eight
Know he be looking up to me, I see it in his face
When he listen to my music it takes him away
My only wish is that it brings him to a better place
You see, the universe is listening every time we speak
What you seek, it seek in you, so practice what you preach
And if I got some type, a voice should be used to teach
My young world, your wildest dreams are within your reach
And I'mma tell you, just like I told me
Believe in yourself, you can do anything
No matter what they say you can't do or won't be
Don't ever listen, keep limited homies, plus limits don't know me
See, knowledge your pops and wisdom's your og
Experience is born and understanding of thee
Of whom you've come to be, this child of destiny
Nothing's coincidental, everything meant to be, now

Oh, the poem you need to listen in
(you just fly with the most)
And you can find my love
Love blowing in the wind

I always knew that one day I would be a star
Since I was a kid I always had this feeling in my heart
Sometimes I wonder if I'm really this special or
Is there something that you ain't been telling me lord
You see I learned something vital with my whole career
From just watching, observing things over the years
A secret that I don't think that I'm supposed to share
But I don't care cause if they kill me, I was never here
You see, the truths been hidden under your nose for a long time
The only real power is the one over your mind
So once you seek control of every little thing you do
Start to unlock the potential that's inside of you
Don't you get got or cell blocked
Thinking the world's dark and hell's hot
My only hell is being enslaved 'til I'm in the box
And to my brother's treating life like it's another *****
I encourage you to find yourself another chick
And treat her with respect, cause the moment you neglect
Start to fade and pick away pieces of your flesh
So be smart cause it's never too late for change
Never met a man who gained without feeling despair

Oh, the poem you need to listen in
And you can find my love
Love blowing in the wind

Yo, a country boy dream can beat the odds
Watching [?] on the falling stars
I pray that you make it out of the booby traps
And feeble daps that people give you on the low
Let's face off in the grass, just be careful when it grow
It's more about the messaging, less about the flow
The sky ain't the limit, although that's what we're told amongst other things
Like you can't be successful with out a flooded, embezzled, diamond chain
Well damn, what about feeding families? giving your all to manage
Don't sacrifice your canvas to paint a picture of some bullshit
Be weary of the path that talk of private jets in the pool pit
Got to be real, through your heart, to your core
Don't give up on god, when there's so much more in store
Now I don't mean to be preaching, some might say I'm reaching
But lord knows, somebody gotta teach it
I'm hoping that you listen

Oh, the poem you need to listen in
And you can find my love
Love blowing in the wind

Yo acapella, cause statik won't give me no beats
But I spit bars no matter what in the heat
It's eighty degrees out in the street
We in greenpoint or bushwick
I push ****, that's it
I ain't even got the headphones on
No headphones
Hold the headphones in my hand to make 'em handphones
I'm the man, hb

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