Been Around the World Lyrics - R. Kelly feat. Ja Rule

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Release information
Release Date: 2003-2-17
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rock
length: 4:06
producer: R. Kelly
guest performer: Ja Rule
mixer: Serban Ghenea
recording engineer: Abel Garibaldi, Ian Mereness and Andy Gallas
arranger: R. Kelly
guitar family: Donnie Lyle
additional keyboard: Rodney East
programming: Andy Gallas
co mixer: R. Kelly
additional editor: John Hanes
assistant programming: Jason Mlodzinski
assistant editor additional editor: Tim Roberts
lyricist: R. Kelly
composer: R. Kelly
I been around the world
And gets nothing but love
For who I am
I thank my fans so much
Even though some may hate
Still I appreciate
All my friends and family
That kept it real with me

I been around the world and back like what up
East side to west side touring like what up
And even though the price for the house was so much
I still roll with them from the hood like what up
Cause when it comes to being the realest I'm sure 'nough
I'm a straight up industry villain for sure 'nough
And I can't satisfy some a y'all no matter what
And some of y'all cats are so jealous
Said we livin in a cold cold world
Ain't nothin' but fake faces fake people fake friends
Said we living in a cold cold world
Where there ain't nuttin but envy wannabees playa-hatas
Yea I know I need a hug but y'all need a hug too
'cause god gunna judge me the same day he judge you
And even though we have our struggles that's alright
You know we get our folks and find a way to shine


[Ja Rule]
Sometimes this world can be so cold
When you looking through the windows of the soul
I been looking to see the truth as it unfolds
Cause I been around this globe and back
Enough to know the fact
Who loves me
And who loves me not
We be ****'s so hot
You could put it in red tops
And pump it through every hood, ghetto, and block
Until they heart stops
That's why they fiend for me
And I thank you for every blessing that you giving me lord
And I'm grateful for all my talent and my vocal accords
And all these haters I keep shaking 'em off
Rubbing they face in fame
I'm sorry I changed the game
But its mine and I can't complain
Rule and are Kelly
Been around the world
Putting it on women
Bumping and grinding these *****es
But we always on time when a woman fed up
And that's love
That's why they all **** wit us


Said my lyrics is my testimony
That's how I live
I had to get rid of a lot of fake homies
Over the years
You see me on TV sometimes
Not how it is
Y'all gotta start learning how to separate me from showbiz
When I'm rolling through your city
Show me love
And ladies when you see a boy
Give me love
And though I'm not conceited (right)
Its just my space sometimes I need it (right)
Said I got so many friends in them area codes
That I hand out them tickets when it comes to my shows
Ja lets break bread together
Pray together
That we grow strong together
Its clear forever
Help each other through the stormy weather
Lets hurt together
Lets cry together
And even if we grow together
Then together we'll make it better


Said I been around the world
And gets nothing but love
For who I am
I thank my fans so much
Even though some may hate
Still I appreciate
All my friends and family
That kept it real with me

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