Best Friend Lyrics - R. Kelly feat. Keyshia Cole & Polow da Don

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Release information
Release Date: 2007-5-25
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap
length: 4:42
[R. Kelly] What up Charles, hey baby
[Keyshia Cole] Hey Baby
[R. Kelly] Girl I been missin' you like crazy
[Keyshia Cole] Miss you to
[R. Kelly] These fools 'bout to make me lose my mind, I don't think I can do all this time
[Keyshia Cole] Now just calm down don't lose it baby
[Polow da Don] Keep yo head up man we got you
[R. Kelly] How is lil' junior? And my beautiful daughter?
[Keyshia Cole] Fine, they jus miss they daddy
[R. Kelly] Well did you get to talk to my lawyer?
[Keyshia Cole] Night and day, day and night I keep callin 'em
[R. Kelly] Yeah? Well day and night, night and day just keep callin' 'em
[Keyshia Cole] OK
[Polow da Don] Yo what up my ***** you straight? Any thing I can get you?
[R. Kelly] Dis toilet paper be cuttin' my *** I need some roles of tissue... Charmin
And man, what happened to those squares yo *** promised me?
[Keyshia Cole] Baby Charles lost his job, he's been strugglin'
[R. Kelly] Yeah? Is that right you lost your job how?
[Polow da Don] Man I been havin' trouble wit my car
Besides it's too far, price of gas, man it's hard
And on da real, **** man they be trippin' up at that Walmart, feel me?
[R. Kelly] Yeah man I feel you
[Keyshia Cole] Well baby I got somethin' I wanna read ya
It's from the kid's, they wrote this for him in school,and they wanted me to bring it here
And read it to you it says... Roses are red, violets are blue
Daddy we love you, and we miss you too
[R. Kelly] Aww, dats sweet but tell me why Charles is wearin' the shirt you bought me
Yo bogus ***

You been doin' my best friend
Tell me how could you do it to me? Hell to (Hell to) the naw
Got caught up doin' da business now I'm servin' 5 to 10
A ball later he movin' in
You been doin' my best friend
Behind my back while I'm in da pen
Screw both (Screw both) of y'all
See y'all dun hooked up wit' each otha
Man you was like my brother
While I'm in here y'all undercover you been screwin'

[Keyshia Cole] Wait... just don't walk away... please let me explain...
[Polow da Don] Yeah dog it ain't like dat
[R. Kelly] Don't be playin' no damn games
[Polow da Don] Man what da **** is wrong wit' you? You crazy? Dis girl love
She even took a chance on losin' her job... just to be here for ya
[R. Kelly] Yeah... well maybe I'm just a little paranoid... can you blame me...
Just look at her, she pretty as all outdoors...
Sorry baby...
[Keyshia Cole] It's OK
I understand you stressin'
[R. Kelly] Thanks man for briggin' her fa me
[Polow da Don] Please, my ***** don't even sweat it
[Keyshia Cole] Just like you asked I got those magazines for you
[R. Kelly] That's my girl
[Polow da Don] Ain't got no squares but I got a robe, and you some house shoes
[R. Kelly] My Brother
[Polow da Don] So how you holdin' up?
[R. Kelly] Man I'm jus try'na make it work
[Polow da Don and Keyshia Cole] Well I got, she got
[Keyshia Cole] Charles you go first
[Polow da Don] Well me and she'll, we got dis crazy *** idea
She sing, I rap we was thinkin' 'bout makin' this **** a career
[Keyshia Cole] What you think about that baby? Do you think it'll work
[R. Kelly] Aight, dat's it now I really gotta know baby where in the hell did he get that shirt?
[Polow da Don] Aww, here we go again. ***** what da **** is wrong wit you
[R. Kelly] Yeah man ya'll on some bull ****. What? Y'all think I'm a God damn fool
[Polow da Don] ***** I ain't sayin' all dat
[R. Kelly] Well then ansa the question, screw all dat, girl ansa it!
[Keyshia Cole] What? Who you callin' *****? Hell naw, I been here!
[R. Kelly] She been doin' my best friend

[Chorus x2]
My best friend

[Keyshia Cole] Baby what about the kids? Oh

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