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Robb Bank$

Robben Ford

Robben Ford & The Blue Line

Robbers on High Street

Robbie Basho

Robbie Dupree

Robbie Fulks

Robbie Nevil

Robbie O’Connell

Robbie Patton

Robbie Rivera

Robbie Robertson

Robbie Seay Band

Robbie Wessels

Robbie Williams

Rob Blackledge

Robby Hunter Band

Robby Krieger

American guitarist, member of The Doors

Robby Valentine

Rob Cantor

Rob Crabtree

Rob Crow

Rob de Nijs

Rob Dickinson

Rob Dougan

Rober Hatemo


performance name of Myriam Roulet

Roberta Campos

Roberta Carrieri

Roberta Flack

Roberta Gambarini

Italian jazz singer

Roberta Kelly

Roberta Miranda

Robert and the Roboters

Robert Balzar Trio

Robert Berry

Robert Blake

Robert Bonfiglio

Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise

Robert Broberg

Swedish singer, composer & artist

Robert Calvert

Robert Charlebois

Robert Chojnacki

Robert Cray

Robert De Cormier

Robert DeLong

Robert Dick

American flutist

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Drasnin

Robert Earl Keen

Robert Ellis

Nashville TN Alt-Country singer-songwriter and guitarist

Robert Ellis Orrall

US country singer/producer

Robert Farnon

Robert Forster

Australian singer-songwriter & guitarist

Robert Francis

US singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist

Robert Fripp

Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper Experiment

Robert Gordon

US rockabilly singer

Robert Goulet

Robert Greenidge

steel drummer

Robert Groslot


Robert Hampton

Robert Hazard

Robert Hazard and The Heroes

Robert Holl


Robert Hunter

American lyricist, non-performing member of the Grateful Dead


Robert Isaacs

Robert Jan Stips

Robert John

American singer-songwriter

Robert Johnson

80's New Wave artist

Robert Kasprzycki

Robert King

conductor and harpsichordist

Robert Knight

singer, best known for Everlasting Love

Robert Lamm

Robert Leroy

Robert Lloyd

operatic bass

Robert Long

Dutch singer/TV personality

Robert Lund

Robert Majewski

Robert Massard


Robert Merrill

American operatic baritone

Robert Miles

Swiss-Italian producer, composer, musician and DJ

Robert Mirabal

Robert Mitchum

Robert Mosci

NYC-based pianist and vocalist

Robert Nighthawk

Robert N. Taylor

Roberto Angelini

Roberto Antonio

Roberto Blades

Roberto Blanco

Roberto Cacciapaglia

Roberto Carlos

Brazilian singer-songwriter, "King of Latin Music"

Roberto Ciotti

Roberto de Carvalho

Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Frejat

Roberto Iniesta

Roberto Kunstler

Roberto Leal

Roberto Ledesma

Roberto Menescal

Roberto Murolo

Roberto Orellana

Roberto Ottaviano

Roberto Ribeiro

Brazilian samba singer

Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound

Roberto Saccà


Roberto Silva

Roberto Soffici

Roberto Tapia

Roberto Torres

Roberto Vecchioni

Robert Palmer

English singer-songwriter

Robert Paquette

Robert Parker

American R&B singer and musician

Robert Pete Williams

Robert Pierre

Robert Plant

of Led Zeppelin

Robert Pollard

Robert Post

Robert Prizeman

Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Robert Schimmel

Robert Schroeder

Germany | electronic music

Robert Shaw


Robert Shaw Chorale

Robert Shaw Festival Singers

Robert Skoro

Robertson Brothers

Robert Spano

conductor and pianist

Robert Spencer

English lutenist, guitarist & musicologist

Robert Strickland

Robert Sund

Robert Tear


Robert Tepper

Robert Trowers

Robert Ward

blues musician

Robert Wells

Swedish pianist, composer, arranger, known for Rhapsody in Rock

Robert White


Robert Williams

US rock/jazz drummer

Robert Wyatt

Canterbury scene

Robert Ziegler


Rob & Fab

Rob Fisher

American composer, arranger, musical director, conductor, pianist

Rob Gardner

religious/new age artist

Robi Botos Trio

Rob Ickes

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