Who Sang What I'm About? Ra

Ra Black Sheep cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-9
Genre: Rock
length: 3:58
Carry me for a while
It's your turn to lend a hand
Carry you for a while
When you need me I'll be there
And the walls that keep us in the war
Will come down
Follow me
It's your turn
For this world has got to learn
That the only way to change our history
Is for me to follow you sometimes
And for you to follow me
And the doors we never made it through
start opening
Oh I need you and you need me
Trust in me
I'll be true
You can trust me and I'll trust you
If I falter you'll forgive me
I'll forgive you
What I don't have you will bring
And I'll be there for anything
And we all will find a way to keep going
Yes we all will find a way to keep going

CD 1
  • 1 Cross of Snow
  • 2 Tomorrow's Sun
  • 3 The Foundation
  • 4 Crazy Little Voices
  • 5 Chained to the Ground
  • 6 Deliverance
  • 7 Busted
  • 8 U Need Me
  • 9 What I Am
  • 10 Who's to Blame
  • 11 Not in Your Head
  • 12 What I'm About
  • 13 Seem All Good People
  • 14 Baghdad
  • 15 Supernova