Who Sang Mbeguel (Love)? Raashan Ahmad

Raashan Ahmad Ceremony cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-27
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop
length: 4:48

Inhale with the sun and the stars
In concert with the universe hear the applause
And then I’m on to the next
My stress be his dream put it in context
It takes, all the love that I got in my soul
To keep my head on straight and release control
No hands time like grains of sand
Trying to walk tall when I find it hard to stand
But stand up, I do it and it feel like magic
Dealing with the dumb come automatic
Catch it through the speaker losing to the lesser
Running with the freakers boxing my oppressors
Give some get some
Finding my peace and release it over drums
They wanna ignore who I am where I’m from
But I can't stop won't stop from the lungs
I breathe love speak till it manifest
Leave hate and the anger and stress
Lived with the sickness hung with the jealousy
And my happiness felt like it was a felony
The whole world fell on me mama in heaven
My band on the outs on the outside yelling
Let let me in round the world and back again
Heartbeat beatbox any bpm
But with love, say it from the start
Send it and I hope that you receive it in your heart
Words that I manifest do it in the park
The roof on fire but it needed that spark
And that be love
And I can feel it from the rooftop
Overlook the whole city as the moon drop
Chasing it don’t stop smiling faces
Looking for the love in all the wrong places
I wonder where safe is never the regret
Was trying to find love in the sweat of my ex
The next day clear as I open up my eyes
Turn off the tellie why they televise lies
Rise with the light gift from my ancestors
Trying to feel love even when I feel pressure
Whole world massive party in the street
One love one people one heartbeat
Bodyrockin to the bass the kick made it spark
Can we just be friends broke best friends heart
She say she ok my soul get a lift
Magnified by the simplest of the gifts
Give thanks for the love
Easier to find the feeling divine got me on cloud 9
I went around the world on a quest for the shine
Was with me all the time in my body and my mind
My soul in the heavens feet in the dirt
My heart on my sleeve trying to make life work
So hard to believe and leave what was
Make a new play with the faith and the love
Say it with me now
I got that love inside inside and I’ma keep on vibing
Keep on right and the feeling is good
Don’t stop put it out let it do what it should
One time for the love and let it run free
Don’t stop get the love let it be what it be
Feel it feel it like
Feel it feel it like
Feel it feel it like
Feel it feel it right
Feel it feel it love

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