Who Sang Pain On Black? Raashan Ahmad

Raashan Ahmad For What You’ve Lost cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010
length: 2:48
producer: Woodstock

Im the coal in the fire scream god mercy
Allah provide and I ain't been thirsty
Since, life be my evidence
Sometimes so tense under false pretense
Been wronged that's why I sing in my songs
About love and the path towards redemption
He transform to the flaw you see
Just a man trying to live out my prophesy
And get profit and some brand new kiks
And a fly new whip but it's all so sick
The ultimate prize is to open your eyes
See passed the material master your high
Still human balance my best
Love manifest feel so jah blessed
Even when I'm so broke can't buy food
Son hungry can't believe I'm that dude
And the landlords calling the show is empty
Job pay shit drug money temp me
Simply I'm like what's the choice
My mom is gone I wanna hear her voice
It's so embarrassing hear the comparisons
Other people how they doing so well
Meanwhile feel like I'm caught in cell
Cycle go on what I'm doing so wrong
Some days so weak some days so strong
Gotta maintain my God keep on
Soak up game til the pain be gone
My song is the truth make an excuse
Whole world on my back an American black
My school so wack George Bush and crack
That track so real but here's the deal
Just another black male without no skill
Should I grab that steel go rob and steal
It's the perfect trap and the deck is stacked
So the jail is packed call it hell and back
This ain't no opinion it's uncut fact
And if you a man what do you do to support your fam
And you ain't got the luxery of deep thought
Critical analysis where to shop
Its hand to mouth and check to check
Nigga struggle and stress go neck and neck
Thank God for the knock if you feel my thoughts
Then you probably live it this is not for the critic
Hard when you give it so little come back
Keep strong maintain dude stay on track
Cuz this is pain on Black
I said pain on Black!

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Feel Good
  • 3 My Imagination
  • 4 In Love With Wax
  • 5 Sunshine
  • 6 Hey Now
  • 7 Beautiful Ugly
  • 8 Just Cool
  • 9 These Foolish Things
  • 10 Understanding
  • 11 Remember
  • 12 Pain On Black
  • 13 Falling