Who Sang Karachi Valie? Rabbi Shergill

Release information
Release Date: 2008-7-20
length: 3:29
Had I come another time
Would we have still met
Had I been a good thief
Would tonight have been a ball

If I knew how to lie
Would this cover have still remained
O veiled one
O Karachi girl

There was something hollow inside of you
Perhaps inside of me too
On one hand stood desires
On the other limitations

Yours were too close and mine too far
What could've I done I was helpless
O sassy one
O Karachi girl

Your sighs were so cold
You hair were so coarse

A bit of it was my fault
And a bit yours too
But tell me how can heart win
Where mind holds forte

You nibbled, cast aside, got doused, got inflamed
Hesitated, spoke one thing from your mouth and
Another from your heart

I waited in your path, waited for a chance
Grabbed your arm
I was after all a thief

I've made a breach
Will see how long shall you stand
You and your big wall

O Karachi Girl
Your sighs were so cold
Your hair were so coarse

CD 1
  • 1 Chhalla
  • 2 Karachi Valie
  • 3 Maen Bolia
  • 4 Avengi Ja Nahin
  • 5 Ballo
  • 6 Tu Avin Bandra
  • 7 Pagrhi Sambhal Jatta
  • 8 Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)
  • 9 Return to Unity