Who Sang Beating Track? Rabbit Junk

Rabbit Junk Reframe cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Breakbeat/Hardcore/Industrial/Heavy Metal
length: 4:05
You know that if we go off the beaten track
You know that if we go, we won't be back

To stay or to go
A little b____ of a question
A token of my affection
For this little complication
I jingle it like a trinket
No need to dwell on it

I just ahng it around my neck and forget
No plan, no sweat, I ante up on this bet
Win this battle, but lose the war like tet
Want what you can not get

(Break out of this net)

Don't mind if I do
Cuz I'm feeling through
With being what you expect
With being predictable - uh, oh

I love a taboo
So true
But if you break every rule
You just become another tool
But your the sharpest in the shed cuz your
Brand f___ing New

I saw her face in the street light
And I knew that she had seen my eyes

A puddle of waste floating down on this business
Just flip the switch to project on this present day obsession
I kick it straight on to check it
No need to go catch it
So it's never or now no past or future
No games no play just wish you out of my way
Undercover, they want the people resting
Don't think I'm having it

(It just won't fit)

I'm in a dilemma
Cuz I can't remember
I'm supposed to be here today
I'm just a minor character in this play
But that you noticed
With the real part that I'm being in
I appreciate it, I do
Even though I know nothing is what it seems

CD 1
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  • 2 In Your Head No One Can Hear You Scream
  • 3 Beating Track
  • 4 The Big Push
  • 5 To All Good Night
  • 6 Crutch
  • 7 Civilized
  • 8 Old Heroes Young Villians
  • 9 February War
  • 10 Slater
  • 11 The Best Revenge
  • 12 Millenial Pox
  • 13 In the Service of the Enemy