Who Sang The Expidition? Rabbit Junk

Rabbit Junk Project Nonagon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Breakbeat/Hardcore/Industrial/Heavy Metal
length: 5:33
Professor Warner O'Neill:

I have decided to record what will surely be the last hours of my life
I am the sole survivor of the expedition
So far I have been able to find safety in this chamber
but I know this barred door won't hold much longer

I'm no longer sure of what day it is
Or how long I have been trapped here
I hold no hope for rescue
My only hope is that the information in this recording may help the next expedition stop this terror that has killed us

The creature proved invulnerable to our weapons, All attempts to destroy the thing were fruitless
It drove us deeper into the catacombs and then picked us off one by one
It is almost completely invisible
Until it feeds

It has been steadily exerting force on the door
The ancient timbers are beginning to splinter
Whoever finds this, I implore you
The catacombs must be sealed shut
I fear that the energy the beast has consumed are for reproductive purposes

The creature loomed before us
resplendent in wickedness
But invisible to our senses
We grasped at nothingness

It drank deeply of our essence
Showing itself in a crimson plume
Prolonging the exquisite agony
Showing us the future as it consumed

Light bends around the dripping sphere
I feeling penetrate into my deepest fear
It is invisible but it's breathing I can hear
I can feel it's tongue rasping at my inner ear
Mighty tentacles wrap 'round my neck
It tries to take me in but I must not let it
How do we-a-fight what cannot even see
How do we-a-fight when we can't even breath

Alien mind with earthly intent
tissue and plasma and intellect
Your mind and body it will both infect
You're the nutrient it has come to collect
As it feeds its form comes to light
Gelatinous veins and brains shining bright
Your flesh is infested
Your mind is bested
defenses tested
nothing is wasted

spawned of chaos old

The Invisible Hunter:

I will not go
back to the cold

when it's all done you'll be a part of me
circulating systemically
horror unfolds in the silent cold
I'll never release my hold

Ghosts of the Expedition:

Searching the airless wastes
Its thirst grew on through the eons
Now its l___ is only matched
by the numbers of screaming fluid sacks
Oblivious to the haunting threat
Defenseless against attack
Picked off one by one
Embraced by the star born horror

Frozen and timeless
Encysted, dormant, dessicated
Drawn to the heat
Of the life-glow and death exhausted
Friction then impact
Awakened by the penetration
Mindless but omnipotent
Driven by the only truth: Hunger

CD 1
  • 1 Power
  • 2 Blood
  • 3 Home
  • 4 From the Stars
  • 5 Revenge of Julian Modely
  • 6 The Expidition
  • 7 Handle Bars
  • 8 Devotee
  • 9 U Lock Justice