Who Sang The Struggle? Rabbit Junk

Rabbit Junk This Life Is Where You Get F__ked cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-2-11
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Breakbeat/Hardcore/Heavy Metal
length: 3:52
I watch tragedies
no dignity
so powerless
I must confess
as I stand by
never even try
part of the machine
never to be clean

I must embrace the struggle

Its not that I dont care
the thought of it rips my soul apart
Its not like Ill never act
I just dont know how to start

watching it everyday
Is a just punishment that I deserve
I am the hands of the devil
everyday I sink to a deeper level

I cant
the pain
of doing nothing
no more
the line's
been drawn
I know what side Im on
I must embrace the struggle!

CD 1
  • 1 Transmission 1
  • 2 Hero in Mr. Sholensk
  • 3 Guns
  • 4 The Struggle
  • 5 Transmission 2
  • 6 Black
  • 7 Ghetto Blasphemer
  • 8 The Collection
  • 9 Transmission 3
  • 10 Holgate
  • 11 Death of a Bike Thief
  • 12 Roadside Art