Who Sang To All Good Night? Rabbit Junk

Rabbit Junk Reframe cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Breakbeat/Hardcore/Industrial/Heavy Metal
length: 4:58
She won't wait, for me to catch up
She's too far away for me to catch her
She's on her way, to somewhere better
I'll never find her
I'll never find her again

Good night
Well said
Soon I think we'll all be dead
He's in trouble with the natural laws
She's in the effect and he's lost his cause
Conflicted like a dog with hands for paws
He never could have saved her from
Who she was
If he could have only let her go
Maybe she'd wake up tomorrow

I can't wait
For you to catch me
I'm too far away for you to catch up
I'm on my way
To somewhere better
You'll never find me
You'll never find me again

Good night
Good call
Soon I think the sky will fall
Will she be there to hold it up
When he comes home from getting f___ed up
I think not
All is lost
He'll die in the frost
A victim of his own high cost
A now she's just a bleeding wounded
Haunting in his bedroom

I want my life back

We can't wait
For you to catch up
We're too far away for you to catch us
We're on our way to somewhere better
You'll never find us
You'll never find us again

Grtz Sentaz

CD 1
  • 1 Demons (feat. Schizoid)
  • 2 In Your Head No One Can Hear You Scream
  • 3 Beating Track
  • 4 The Big Push
  • 5 To All Good Night
  • 6 Crutch
  • 7 Civilized
  • 8 Old Heroes Young Villians
  • 9 February War
  • 10 Slater
  • 11 The Best Revenge
  • 12 Millenial Pox
  • 13 In the Service of the Enemy