Who Sang Much Longer? Rachel Alejandro

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length: 4:44
I know it's over
I know it's gone
Can't work it out much longer
It's only getting harder

It's time to say goodbye
I just can't help but cry
I wanted us to make it
But I guess we couldn't take it

Much longer
We couldn't make it last
Much longer
This love is fading fast
I know
That it's time for me to start letting go
'Coz the love you have for me no longer shows
Even though it hurts
I have to face the truth
That no matter what I do
There would be no me and you
Much longer

I did my best
To make it last
'Coz that's all I ever wanted
But you took my love for granted
You took your time
Makin' up your mind
Thinking I would always be there
But I really couldn't hold on

(Repeat Chorus until fade)

  • 1 Nakapagtataka
  • 2 Kaytagal
  • 3 May Minamahal
  • 4 Don't Know What to Do
  • 5 Let the Pain Remain
  • 6 Ikaw Pa Lamang
  • 7 Much Longer
  • 8 Kaya Ko Ba?
  • 9 K. S. P. (Kulang Sa Pansin)
  • 10 Mr. Kupido
  • 11 Saling Pusa
  • 12 Tumibok Kasi
  • 13 Bulag Sa Katotohanan
  • 14 Langit Na
  • 15 Paalam Na

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    script: Latin