Who Sang Late Night Lover? Rachel Brooke

Rachel Brooke A Killer's Dream cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-12-4
length: 4:08
composer: Rachel Brooke
lyricist: Rachel Brooke
Now come to me baby when the sun goes down
Knock on my door three times, when no one's around
My days are long and ever so lonley
But in the evening's when I want you only
The window's open now, so come on right in
I've been waiting since a quarter to ten
The way you move now, it's making me shudder
Because no one loves me like my late night lover
I heard you creeping in my garden last week
I tried and tried but couldn't get no sleep
The wind was blowing something sweet in the air
The scent of something that I want you to share
Because you're my late night lover
One by one the stars come out in the sky
That's when I lock my doors and turn down the lights
And each and every night I let my hair down
Just the way you like it in case you're coming around
Now the moon's shining bright behind my windows of lace
But I'll keep waiting until I see your face
Come on baby, we've got lots to uncover
Because no one loves me better than my late night lover
My clock's ticking fast, it's almost half past three
That time of night when everything is a dream
But then I hear you softly whisper my name
Now come closer and I'll whisper the same
Because you're my late night lover
And I'm you late night lover
Come be my late night lover
I'll be your late night lover

CD 1
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  • 2 Fox in a Hen House
  • 3 Late Night Lover
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  • 5 Life Sentence Blues
  • 6 Old Faded Memory
  • 7 Ashes to Ashes
  • 8 The Black Bird
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