Who Sang Old Faded Memory? Rachel Brooke

Rachel Brooke A Killer's Dream cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-12-4
length: 6:51
composer: Rachel Brooke
lyricist: Rachel Brooke

Many years ago, I had a love
So pretty, so true, but ever so young
Each night we'd meet 'neath the twin oak tree
And dream of a life that was never to be
It seems only days since I last held her near
But my mind is much older, and my memory unclear
And though I've seemed to forgotten the reason we've part
To this very day, she still owns my heart
I wonder, I wonder, if he's thinking of me
All those years ago, how it all used to be
Our love, true it was, I could never forget
But each day since our parting, I've spent in regret
Would he still love me, now I'm withered and gray?
My daylight grows dim, and short are the days
May I be young and fair, in the dreams dreamt by him
But I'm just an old faded memory of what could have been
Her Love, like a flower that clings to the vine
Her love, how it lingers upon my old mind
Oh the nights that I've spent 'neath that twin oak tree
Just hoping she'd be there, just waiting for me
I'd give my own life just to see her once more
But I know in my heart, I won't be waiting for long
For my mind, it grows darker than each day before
And my heart, though its beating, has nothing to beat for
If only my life could have lasted forever
Oh the things I'd have done, Darling, we'd be together
But time that is given, is cruel and deceiving
For my body has weakened, and beauty is fleeting
Faster and faster, so go the days
As I cling to a life that is slipping away
And with my last breath, unto death may I stare
I'll remember the life that we never shared

CD 1
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  • 2 Fox in a Hen House
  • 3 Late Night Lover
  • 4 Every Night About This Time
  • 5 Life Sentence Blues
  • 6 Old Faded Memory
  • 7 Ashes to Ashes
  • 8 The Black Bird
  • 9 Only for You
  • 10 Serpentine Blues
  • 11 A Killer's Dream