Who Sang Popsicles? Rachel Goodrich

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length: 4:55
Talking over fire and ice-cold popsicles.
Everyone, everyone knows how you're feeling,
cause they feel it too.
And tapestry skies,
animated pints and over-sized elephants
walking up behind,
"How you feeling? cause I feel it too"

I wanna be part of something I've never been before.
See someone I'll never get the chance to see or more.
Gazing up at s***e and unknown galaxies,
and everyone's floating around, flying around
everyone is glowing and only I know why.

And let's sail away, sail away oh we can go
anywhere at anytime you just let me know,
I'll come with you and we can be one.
I wanna feel part of something I've never felt before
See someone I'll never get the chance to see.

Talking over fire and tapestry skies,
floating up in s***e,
we could sail away,
with ice cold popsicles.

  • 1 Morning Light
  • 2 Na Na Na
  • 3 Fire
  • 4 Easier Said Than Done
  • 5 Let Me Go
  • 6 Hold On
  • 7 Walk Away
  • 8 G- Dino
  • 9 Light Bulb
  • 10 I Fell In Love
  • 11 Popsicles

  • Release information
    label: Yellow Bear Records
    script: Latin