Who Sang Crucified? Rachel Stamp

Rachel Stamp Oceans of Venus cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
length: 4:43
In the darkness I want your love
In my sadness I need your love
And if you want me to be pure then I'll try hard to be pure
And if you want me on my knees then that's where I'll be...
For you

I'll light a candle to forbidden love
Pray to the moon and the stars above
But still my love will be denied

I'm Crucified

For you dear I was born
And for you dear I wear this crown of thorns
Oh baby...come to me baby
Oh baby...My pretty baby

I shut my eyes and ignore the truth
But still there's nothing I can do
And so my love must be denied

I'm Crucified

And I blame myself

My heart is beaten black from this strap across my back
And I'm choking on the pearls that gave me life

I'm Crucified

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