Who Sang I Wanna Be Your Doll? Rachel Stamp

Rachel Stamp Hymns for Strange Children cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-2-21
Genre: Rock
Style: Glam
length: 3:35
you turn me on
you pump electric thro my body
i am just a shell of flesh since guilt robbed me of my emotion
you can paint my lips
and you can fix my hair up darling
and i will answer to the name you give me

i wanna b yr doll
i wanna b sweet sweet baby
i wanna be your doll
be your automater masterbater

well you can stich my wounds
my knees are torn from years of kneeing
and now i have no feelings i can give myself to you dear
well love is hard to give but love is easy to take
thinkers make bad lovers
you better put your iq up 4 sale

(chours) x2

well baby sitch my wounds
and you can fix my hair up darling
well i have been waiting for this moment all of my life

(chours) x2
[mr crewdson makes a luverly sound]

CD 1
  • 1 Monsters of the New Wave
  • 2 Brand New Toy
  • 3 I Got the Worm
  • 4 I Wanna Be Your Doll
  • 5 Ladies + Gents
  • 6 Spank
  • 7 Didn't I Break My Heart Over You
  • 8 Take a Hold of Yourself
  • 9 Pink Skab
  • 10 Dirty Bone
  • 11 My Sweet Rose