Who Sang Pop Singer? Rachel Stamp

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Glam
length: 2:50
He was a black eyed whore
With an arsehole like a front door
He was a suicidal bore
Who couldn't take any more
Bleeding holes in her tiny hand

He had a picture of Guns n' Roses on his wall
'cos he looked a bit like Axl Rose
He contemplated falling on a sword

She threw her body off the 17th floor

Pop singer

He drowned himself in alcohol
He prayed the stars to take his soul
He cut himself so it would show

I heard a zipper go in the front row

Pop singer

  • 1 Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic (long version)
  • 2 Madonna... Cher...
  • 3 Stealing Clothes From Shelley Barrett
  • 4 Dead Girl
  • 5 Je Suis Maisee
  • 6 I Like Girlz
  • 7 Pop Singer
  • 8 True Love
  • 9 Queen Bee (alternate mix)
  • 10 Heroine
  • 11 Don't Get Married
  • 12 Didn't I Break My Heart Over You
  • 13 Metallic Peach
  • 14 Baby Baby
  • 15 My Sweet Rose (demo version)
  • 16 Sluts & Sharks (DRP vocal)
  • 17 Science Fiction
  • 18 n.a.u.s.e.a.