Who Sang Who Does Lisa Like?? Rachel Sweet

Rachel Sweet Fool Around cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/New Wave/Classic Rock/Pop Rock/Country Rock
length: 3:01
producer: Liam Sternberg
membranophone: Mark Sugden
lead vocals: Rachel Sweet
recording engineer: Bob Painter
bass: Peter Nardini
background vocals: Rachel Sweet
guitar: Peter Nardini
keyboard: Peter Nardini
percussion: Mark Sugden
composer: Liam Sternberg
lyricist: Liam Sternberg

Sitting around
In the Firestone parking lot
It's alright

Talk about boys
And who's taking modern dance
We can see you tonight

Who does Lisa like?

Forgets her homework
She's wearing flashy clothes
Ooh, ta ta ta

And when we call her
The line is always bleeping
Ooh, ta ta ta

Who does Lisa like?
Who does Lisa like?

Nothing's important
If that ain't important
So don't change the subject

People starving in India
Fighting in Baghdad
We don't care

We'd ask her ourselves
But it's none of our business, besides
We don't dare

Who does Lisa
Who does Lisa
Who does Lisa like?

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