Who Sang Samadhi (So Far Away)? Racing Glaciers

Racing Glaciers Caught in the Strange cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-8-5
length: 5:11

With these expressions are we wasting our mind?
I'm scared of living, of living a borrowed life
I'm standing waiting somewhere in between

I know I've seen it but I still don't know what it means... it means... it means...

You're always pushing me to make a plan
The more I leave it the more I want to cut off my hands
But if there's somewhere I can finally breathe
I don't care where it is or even if it's in me

So is this time for making sense
Under the glassy sky it's time to repent
So when I'm asking is it me that is wrong
I'm just not thinking these thoughts that I've thought for too long... for too long... for too long...

So far away, I miss you
Gotta find a way to kiss you

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