Who Sang Love With a Fist? Rackets & Drapes

Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 3:15

The bruises on my skin
Are all from falling off the swing
My daddy likes to buy me ice cream
For my blackened eyes

Daddy loves me with his fist (x2)

I never want to go to school
Because they laugh at me
They point thier fingers
At my birth marks all over me

Daddy loves me with his fist (x2)

Mommy won't you stop your crying
Daddy always say's he sorry
Mommy tell me why your crying
Daddy say's that he's not leaving
Mommy cries when Daddy's drinking

CD 1
  • 1 Baby Killer
  • 2 Ball and Chain
  • 3 Love With a Fist
  • 4 Stix and Stonz
  • 5 Home Street Home
  • 6 Bride in Black
  • 7 Dead Horse
  • 8 Burning Your Witches
  • 9 Milk and Cookies
  • 10 Disease of Me
  • 11 Electric Sheep
  • 12 [untitled]
  • 13 [silence]