Who Sang Set Free? Radial Angel

Release information
Genre: Rock
length: 4:30
Nothing to give
no reason to live
So far from everything
no place to hide
no reason, no pride
with nothing inside my heart
I just want to cry
but is all kept inside
and I don't want to live like this
so far from Your side
but I just can't deny
the glory of Your Name
And You save me from my self
for I don't alone
now I'm down on my nees
i've been set free
Now everything is change
My life is rearanged
and ouw you everything
you pay the cost
your life was lost
for i would gain
you give your life away
you coming back some day

  • 1 Let You In
  • 2 Radial Angel
  • 3 Down
  • 4 Jesus Loves Me
  • 5 Set Free
  • 6 Free
  • 7 Mean What You Say
  • 8 I Know
  • 9 All I Love
  • 10 Runaway
  • 11 Just Remember