Who Sang The Scarecrows Are Marching? Radical Face

Radical Face The Junkyard Chandelier cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
length: 4:51
My wisdom teeth still stab my cheek
And I'm always sucking aspirin
The life I stole is full of holes
And my pants don't fit me right
My dreams are old and faded and
My head feels thick and useless
We're on the road to nowhere
But we won't arrive tonight so let's go home

The weather man's excited
'Cause Mother Nature is getting restless
The telephone keeps screaming
As I sit and count my scars
The window is always open
Beause the glass is always broken
And the things we lost never looked so good
As the day we knew they were gone

Build it up
Then watch it crumble
Save the talk
You're going down
Take the fall
There's nothing to it
Sell the world
And coin the sound
'Cause I will be around
When you awake

The scarecrows are marching
The fields are in flames
There's nothing to eat
But I can't complain

The axes have fallen
My strings have been cut
My puppeteer's lonely
But he's plum out of luck

The roads are misshapen
The signs are all boards
I remember this room
'Cause I've been here before

The floorboards are rotten
The sink's full of rust
And using my pinky
I draw you in the dust

The Winter has lost His touch
And now His snow is made of plastic
The kids are all in line
But they will never get a turn
The city is made of cardboard
And it's foggy with pollution
Let's sit down on the moon
So we can watch this planet burn

Cover us and we'll start sinking
Nothing ever lasts for long
I'm not dead, I just quit living
I'm not sure if it's right or wrong

But I will be around
When you awake

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