Who Sang I Miss the Hell out of You? Radical Something

Radical Something Ride It Out cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-9-2
length: 1:56
I said, "You're pretty"
We went home and then you kissed me
You tried to tell me that you won't miss me
But I don't care if you do
I miss the hell out of you
I find that taking my time means we got a whole lot left to waste and
And I know to keep it all right we can't be in separate places
So my mind it runs right back to a memory to pass the days with
So if you don't, or if you wont, well I still will

And you know that we could grow old doing all the things that we talked about
And you show, you show me that love I'd be lost without it
I must go, its a low blow, this time its really gunna knock me out
But if you don't, or if you wont, I still will


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