Who Sang Cause I’m a Hoe? Radio Radio

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Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 2:39

I don’t give a damn if everybody know
‘Cause I’m a hoe
This is why we try to get some mo’
‘Cause I’m a hoe
I really don’t mind if everybody know
‘Cause I’m a hoe
Know what I do and I do what I’m told
‘Cause I’m a hoe

If you ask me for some service for some money
You can ask my manager
And for sure he’ll take your money
Not a pimp but if you think about it
Same deal different product
Please give me the money
Selling out or buying in
‘Cause i’m a hoe

Busy bodies do Pilates
Keepin’ busy, always ready
Working hard
Straight and steady
Be efficient
But never lazy
Punch it in
Punch it out
I ain't here to bitch it out
Work it in
Work it out
I'm just here to prance about


I’ll sell you product with a smile to boot
And all I ask in return is part of the loot
Living for the moment but the moment ain’t free
I’ll probably do it for a couple grand
And I mean three

‘Cause I’m a hoe

Comin’ I'm comin’
Coming home
Do my thang like doing this song
Hoping you might just sing along
Bring your crew or come alone

Best you know who you working for
In the shop or door-to-door
Behind the desk or mopping floors
Who's the man and the whore

Working to work it
Working hard
Dressing up in leotards
For the kids, so laugh it out
Put some words into my mouth

How 'bout you tell me what's it about
I ain't here to scream and shout
Uncle Sam gonna figure it out
Until then let's jam it out


Honestly we’re honest enough to tell the truth
Like stay away from politics
But vote for me
I wanna buy my kids some toys
But that shit ain’t free
And all I ask in return
Maybe, c’est la vie

Let's be real
Make a deal
Nine to five and feeling fine
Say ho ho
Ho ho

You take yours
I take mine
Everybody feeling fine
Say ho ho
Ho ho

You got mine
And I got time
Yes, I know what's on your mind
I say ho ho
Ho ho

Everybody ho’afied
Say ho ho

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