Who Sang Solo Dance Party? Radio Radio feat. Leaf

Leaf Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:48

Everybody’s on the party tonight
I’m all alone and I feel all right
I got my strobe light and mini-bar
Disco ball, I’m satisfied
I’m doing my thing
Just doing my thing

It’s my solo dance party
My solo dance party
It’s my type of party
It’s my solo dance party

Pop some Champagne
With a glass for one
Actually no Champagne
Popcorn is on
I got so many DVDs
And some songs on MP3
Like it’s my private party
I got some photos on random
Streaming on TV
I’m happy
This is the best type of party
I can connect with World Wide Web
Or I can chat with a girl
Named Ted
It’s so obscure
Pedicure or manicure
‘Cause my dog died
But it’s okay
I kind of like it this way
I got some wine from a box
I’m trying to sort out my socks
My candlelight
Film with Nicolas Cage
This is my party, party, solo party
Party, party tonight


I'm doing my thang
Oh yes, I’m doing my thang
I got a dance-mix tape collection
In my Duo-Tang

I'm gettin’ crazy
Shit gets crazy tonight
I got some lazers in the basement
As I turn off the lights
So I'm having
A ménage à trois
With me, myself and I
Got the dance floor to myself
And it's cheaper to get high

I don't mind grinding
But I rather go all out
I'm gonna shake my booty big time
I'm gonna shake it all about


Singing in the shower
And I'm singing in the car
Don't give a fuck who's looking
When I'm dancing in the bar

That's how I roll
Solo dolo
If you bring someone over
Don’t bother me a bit
Just let me do my own number

‘Cause I’m a loco
Hip control
Eyes closed
And indisposed
Fingers towards the sky
As I pump up and flow

It's my solo dance party and that's what I'm about
If you don't like what I'm doing
How 'bout you get the fuck out


It’s my solo dance party
My solo dance party
Got the dance floor to myself
It’s my solo dance party

Everybody’s on the party tonight
I’m all alone and I feel all right

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    label: Bonsound
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    barcode: 779913304122
    script: Latin