Who Sang Happy Hustler? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 2:34

Hustle, hustle, hustle
Happy is the hustlin’ way
Hustle, hustle, hustle
Happy hustler
Gonna give it to y'all

Pimpings what he's giving
And his givings got give
His comings is acomin’
In the way he got to live
Knowin’ when he's gone
Knowin’ when he's gone wrong
Love what he give
With it he's got to get along
Handshake with a smile
Maw-fucker real
This ain't no fucking profile
Feeling what he doing
That why he do it, smile
Do it all the time
Do it all day
Everyday and feeling fine

Doing something right
Universe giving me signs
‘Cause I'm poppin’ on track
Yup, I’m poppin’ on that
Poppin’ on giving
Don't need to get it back
Love, love what I'm doing
And I'm doing what I love
And the only thing I'm doing
Is giving a bit of love
Make a bit of noise
With a silence from above
Trying to keep my hands clean
Shit fits me like a glove
So I’m doing this
Yup, keepin’ on
And doing this

Everyday is a hustle
Hustle and the bustle
This is what a hustler do

To bring it, to bring it
To bring it to you all
Happy hustler gonna give it to youall

Happy hustler, the life of a con man
Growing up in rural
The life of a French man
Salut! Ça va?
I wanna take it là-bas
So over there like this
Make the hits that miss the billboard
Off the charts
Plus, it says it in the fine print
For best results take a listen once a day
And if you feel better
You can take it all day
The best placebo
Is boosting up my ego
And if I got to smile, keep it for a while
Not much, so much
You got another one
Take a break and keep it moving on express line
I’m fine, I got a feeling all the time
Happiness, I mean a penis
And press like
Even though you don’t like
The accent’s so strong
I knew it all along
Calling it a stretch, call it Stretch Armstrong


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