Who Sang Light the Sky? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:16

It’s gonna be a firefight
All night long
All night
All night long

This is gonna be a firefight
Light the sky another night
Stay inside with a candlelight
Light the sky another night
It’s gonna be a firefight
It’s gonna be a firefight
It’s gonna be a firefight
Light the sky another night

A bit of noise
Time to wake up to the lords
Info nympho
Time to let go
No doors
On the billboards
Move forward
As I ignore

When I come up with the V-Line
Want to look up at the sealine
All I see is the cityscape escape
Dissipate new shape
As I give bait

All the time
As I feel fine
Let it shine
Light the sky
Like Firefly

Like a spy
In a bullfight
Shed light
Make peace
With my peace pipe

Nomad with my iPad
My bad
All good as it should
When it get good
Get mine
Get yours
As I get it on
All good it is my opinon


Putting belief in the system of belief
Belief is a hell of a drug
Everybody who believes in something
Must believe in the fact of belief
This is why it’s believed
I believe

Don’t put trust in what you can’t believe
But you can’t claim fact on what your mind perceives
Fact-checker, but your facts are wrong
Wrong illusion, wrong conclusion
Take another look with a substitution
Chic dandy, Amazing Randy
Mind open, but prove it to me
I got a feeling that I can’t be wrong
Even though it’s based on an opinion
Based on book from another book
Take another look
From another book
Gas on the flame to fuel the fire
Who cares who’s wrong?
Got to spot the liar
I said it, so prove me wrong
Even though it’s only based on an opinion
On an opinion


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