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Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:02

I'm dreaming
I'm floatin’
I made it up
And I'm open
For everything
Like makeup
Yup, I take it up
And then I soak it in

Like romance
With the faux fur
When I wake up
I ain't sober
No I'm jacked up
As I pop up
And I'm a take it home
Like a chauffeur

The sky’s the limit
But the limit is low
You wanna go past the stars
Don’t wanna go live on Mars
I want an M-class planet with a spaceship
Like a Romulan
Ya, it’s my dream
So I can be that type of alien

I'm living in a spaceship
And my spaceship is my body
One thing I ain't doing
Is driving straight and steady
You used to see, but now you don't
Used to do it, but now I won't
Don't give a fuck if that what you want
‘Cause I’m blowing up a new front

Fill in the blank
I’m gonna go rob me a bank
Get money illegal
But i don’t want a desert eagle
Make it click, click, jam
Oh shit
But on the other hand
Dreaming deceiving it's like a fantasy fake

Living a dream
Riding on her bike with a short skirt – What?
A short skirt – What?
A short skirt
Living a dream

Jump in front
When I step in the back
Yes I’m coming for you
When I come in effect
‘Cause I know what I want
And I know I got
All that I know
Is they’ll kill you for that
Wiggity wack
Wiggity wack
Got no time
But I feed your pets
Feed my mind
Or I’m a feed you lead
Teach me to fish or shoot instead
Which is right?
Which is wrong?
How ’bout you and me
Just get along
Break some bread
And the share zone
Ain’t no such thing as being alone

Catch and release
Like letting go the beast like
Life after death
Like taking every breath
For the minute nothing better
You can make it if you wanna
But the moral of the story
Is to live it for the moment
I wanna dream
With tons of money
Secretary booty call
I wanna

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