Who Sang My Dance Floor? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:35

I see you dancing
Why are you dancing?
Get off my dance floor
Get off my dance floor

Who the hell you think you is
Got your nose into my biz
This is my dance floor
So tell me why I should let you in
It's nothing personal
No I ain't no asshole
It's my time and my trip
I'm the master of this spaceship

So get on or get off
It's on my own shit that I'm gettin’ off
Catch my vibe and catch my flow
Take a ride on my ego
I'm riding high, homie
It's ride and die, homie
If you feeling something stumpin’
It's ‘cause I’ve got these buttons bumping


Slow motion
Strobe light all night
Seizure and freaking out
Get off my dance floor
I’m solo diablo
When I’m losing control
So get on or get off
My bubble’s bursting your bubble
This is the new type of trouble
My dance floor

My dance floor, my domain
Ain't no shame in having game
This my territory
Hooking up with Beth and Laurie
This is the real thang
The hit-and-switchin’ game
Know my name
And know my show
Never see my ass on the radio

Take a listen to just what I say
You wanna go dance on the floor, okay
Everyone is feeling fine
Dance on the floor or ya dance in line
Hold up
It’s packed in here
Too many ladies sipping beer
Oh no, it’s shot time
Give me my shoes this is my time
I see the dance floor
I’m so ready you can’t ignore
I got my moves, I got my shoes
I got my outfit
This is my world like
Dancing is living
And living isn’t enough
‘Cause it’s my dance floor tonight


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