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Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 4:43

Remodel it all
And back again
Remodel it all
And back again
Remodel and model
We’re going art nouveau
It’s changing all the time
Because it needs to go

Mirrors on walls
And portraits pimping a cause
Feng shui in living rooms
Or washrooms
Not hot to trot

Like reinventing the wheel
This is just how I feel
Like changing everything
Remodel and model
And back again

Outdoor shower, indoor bath
Heated floors, let me do math
Bath carpet made of mink
Can't put a price on my double sink

Double sink, new countertop
Once you start, you just can't stop
Less is more, X marks the spot
Yes, I know Scandinavian is hot


I don't know where I'm going
I'm just trying to figure it out
Should I leave my cupboards woodgrain
Or paint them white?
Should I be using pastels or
Be painting stuff bright?
This project’s got me going crazy
Can someone shed me some light?

Light fixtures in my mind
Home and garden in my thoughts
Clip-on floors and butcher blocks
Terracota flowerpots
You need your backsplash kitchen tiles
Or else kitchen is wack
Checkerboard Parisien floors
If you’re into using black


I’m out with the old
But I’m not in with the new
I wanna change my bathroom
‘Cause I’m sick of the view
I got a lamp on my patio
Alone in the back
I can’t decide if it’s purple
Or a new shade of black

So many whites to choose from
So many whites to choose from
Gonna make my mind
Everything gonna be fine
All I gotta do is pick one
Ain't no big deal
Like the mahogany feel
Melamine’s fake wood
But that shit feels real


Tear it down
I’m rebulding a wall
With fresh paint
Tear it down
We could redo it all
With fresh paint

Refurbish, refinish
And flip it
All for a profit
‘Cause it’s the way of the now
I can’t remember the how
I wanna different life
But not a different life
It’s just new
Something better than old
Unless it’s nice

Victorian Gothic
Like Gotham City is boring
But we can save it with paint
It’s like the shrine of a saint
That’s just wrong

Mike Holmes !

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