Who Sang Speed up the Volume? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:46

Give me the speed
In my volume, baby

Speed up the volume

Speedin’ up the volume
Yeah, why?
‘Cause ain’t loud enough
Enough to get it on
Enough, enough
To get you off
‘Cause I’m wide-eyed
Yup, I like my colour’s soft
Art Basel bagels
Mounted in my Airbnb loft

After the fact and afterthought
Like that feeling my heart
Gimme the guide
Gimme the guide
Follow your nose
And feela the vibe

All around is butter, baby
All around is butter
It’s butter, baby
It’s butter, baby


Come on mister music player
Speed up the noise
Don’t make it loud
Make it real
So we can run in the field
Or it’s all in our heads
But that’s fine, rewind
When we could play all the time

It’s the type of song
To speed you up when you’re down
Hate the song, but love the sound
All in all
It’s on the ground
Too underground?
That’s too trendy fo’ sho’
It’s like a thousand ways to die
But I could cry when I smile
Smile, smile when I cry


Whoa, slow motion
I’m confused
The commotion
It’s like yin is yang
And down is left
And up is on a honeymoon
This is for the girls
Who cry when they’re happy
And the guys
Who deal with it
Because they know
When they’re happy

Sappy happy
Dandy dread
Sights and sounds
Up in my head
Been bouncing
Back and forth
But that's no reason
To get real upset
Don’t know when I’m coming home
Square house
Geodesic dome
Don't have it to have it
My hammock is my type of throne

I try so hard to get by
I’m not depressed, I'm just high
But back to basics
Let’s face it
I wish that everyone made it
But it’s a pipe dream
To help your self-esteem cope
So just laugh, it’s a joke
I wanna puff on a smoke
And just…

Puff, puff on the magic dragon
You tough
What’s soft is hidden
Give it up to the women singing
Yes, we’re winning!
You’re me
I’m you
Outside inside
Can’t hide
What I confide
Everything you need
For speed
Comes in an endless supply


I want some more
Just give me more
Want some more
Of that volume, baby

Gimme some magic
I want some magic
Bring me the magic
So we can have it

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