Who Sang Sweater Weather? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 2:52

T’s kind of cold
Sweater weather old
New vintage original
Blue pink reversible
Ultra puff
Jane Austin novelty
Cold as ice can’t you see?
Warming up the room with a smile-like hi!
I know your name
Ice queen on the scene
Wanna take a ride on my bike for some ice cream?
Sweater weather, man, ‘cause you’re making me sweat
I say I wanna buy you dinner
Not increase my debt

But your parents they love me
Thank God her parents they love me

I must admit I ain't your typical
Walk in park
Girl next door
Easy stroll when I rock and roll
Living freaky deaky daily shady
Yet insightful episodes
But it's all good
‘Cause your parents they love me

Your parents they love me
‘Cause your parents they love me
Sweater weather cold
So sweater weather old
Parents they love me
‘Cause your parents they love me
Your parents they love me
‘Cause your parents they love me

Things aren't going that good, good, good
Between me and you
But it's all good like I knew it would
‘Cause good times is a déjà vu
Can't wait to get to your mamma's house
Home cookin’ fed into my mouth

Ya winter is coming so’s climate change
I’m gonna change for you
Not really but recently
Read a book on some therapy
And you should read it too
And pick up a thing or everything
You high maintenance demi-god
Could give a shit on my regard
Ya, I take the trash out
Clean the dishes
Pass out
“Make love” not my words
But we could have sex
Sweater weather fur coat
Toque on, pompom
I’ma put it on like the hook
In the song


I walk in with some flowers
For that Sunday brunch
Your momma got the hots for me
Yup that's my hunch
I be toastin’ eggnog
And I be cuttin’ that turkey
Holy shit, goddamn
Babe, your dad’s gettin’ flirty


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