Who Sang Then Came the Music? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:42

I’ve got a lot to say
But music’s getting in the way

Man, every time you say it’s all about the music
Lyrics are a secondary process to the music
What makes a song good?
Drum rolls or bass lines?
Feeling like in space
Cloud nine on my face
Snare on a tempo
So sentimental
Stand up for the right
To write a lyric, please
So important but really unimportant
Tell me what you got to do
To even write a song like

I don’t need another melody
I don’t need another bass line
All I need is some words you see
So how about you bring me some poetry

So then came the word
Yup, everybody heard
I'mma pump that shit out
With my fine French slurr

Brr, it's cold
Got's get me my fur
Gonna warm me up
Next to my fire

Words to the wise
Trying to get me higher
Put your name on a beat
Turns out you a liar

But it's all good
It's you I desire
Your PR game’s tight
Like a pair of pliers

One of a kind
But the loops they’re repetitive
This is why the story changes
This is why the song’s good
Thank you, producer man
To try to make me feel good
One of a kind
But my lyrics they’re repetitive
I need a feeling
Like I need another keyboard
Pieces to the puzzle
Making noise like a seagull
I get the feeling when your body starts to bobble-head
Whoop, there it was
Build it up and drop it down again


Yup, I'm into that kick
Uppercut in my gut
I'm into that shit
‘Cause that shit lifts me up

I love the melody
The way it tickles my brain
Even if above
There's falling buckets of rain

No pain
Just frequencies of love
In my veins
No pain
Just feelings
Of us rising again

It’s the name of the game
Song and words
All the same
When you seperate the whole
That's when it gets kinda lame

Thank you for the hate mail in advance
From the rap scene
Beat makers hate this
This is why we made this
Listen to the story like a film
It’s all about the song
Both stories tell a side
But I can’t decide
What’s more important?
The lyrics or the music
Got to love them both
Or you kind of hate most
Of the industry, the music
All about the song
Can’t we all get along
And make them go
Merry go


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