Who Sang Tonight’s the Night? Radio Radio

Radio Radio Light the Sky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-2-19
length: 3:58

Oh she’s really hard to find
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
I’m calling on a fantasy
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
‘Cause love is really hard to find
I’m calling on a fantasy
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
I guess it wasn’t meant for me

It’s not that fantasy role-play
Live action non-satisfaction
Unless you’re out in the woods
I need a miracle fantasy
With this fiction addiction
My avatar’s getting played
I want points
Get this princess saved
I need a date

Tonight, tonight
Is the night, the night
We’re gonna, gonna
Get it on tonight
In spite, in flight
Gonna shed some light
‘Cause it’s dark outside
But inside it’s bright

You see, I see
But we’re out of sight
So clearly we’re it
Connection is tight
At one with the room
Big bangs tonight
Levitate, rotate
Dissipate the light


Know when I'm coming with the soft touch
Kitty Cottonelle with no fuss
No strings attached and need to rush
Give you what you want but it ain't enough
We ain't no comic strip
But we marvelous
Time to give you something
That reminds you of
Good times to bad times
The ones where we shined
Can't roll the clock back
But tonight you’re mine

I went to the store
But I can’t take it no more
My mom said, “Lower your standards”
Forget the ten
You need a four
It’s not models I want
Who says that models are hot
Well, I hear they dress well
Smell nice and talk good


In this online world I tried it all
Tinder, Grinder – nope
Even Christian Mingle – nope
Party lines with married moms
Working out with Goldie Hawn
Coffee shops and speed dates
With hot older ladies
But I can’t find me the one
It’s just
And plus-sized
I could love it all
It’s up in the air like bad hair
But I don’t really care

Nope, I don’t care
Won’t stare
Looking people up
Like a phone book at the book fair
True player
Eatin donair debonair
How he dare
His hair is mohawked
His V-neck is mohair

I need some loving
Something special tonight
I need some loving
Something special for life

You know that we be coming
When the sun be rolling out
Lay it on thick
When I slang with my mouth

Like it when I lick it
Know you like it
When I piggyback
Time lay low
Kick back and chit-chat


Tonight’s the night
Tonight, tonight

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