Who Sang The Music? Radioinactive

Radioinactive Pyramidi cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-11-27
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Abstract/Experimental
length: 3:36

The music
Is walking
Around us
The music
Is walking
Around us
Around us
We hear
What you say
But we don’t want to hear
We hear
What you say
But we don’t want to hear
But we don’t want you here

Breaking all the rules
Breaking all the stools
So there will be nowhere to sit
Standing room only
You could keep my company but you can never own me
You don’t stand a chance
If you can’t stand to dance
‘Cuz your rhythm is broken
But my rhythm is spoken
Yet your pockets are full of tokens
But the game is over
‘Cuz your game is lame
‘Cuz your score is low
When you’re high
And even worse when you’re sober
Helps to be taught that your melting pot needs a slow stir

Like oil and water
But I got her by the image
She smelled like lotion that was scented
I gave her a potion
Something that I invented
And I never intended for a copyright
And I never admitted that you were wrong and I was probably right
And it oughta be light
By the time the night is dead
Peace to all the mortals that but the bullet when their life was stolen when they took the lead
For that metal to that chest
And then they settled at that desk
And I’m a rebel and not less
‘Cuz I choose to peddle my art around the atlas
Using my cactus when I’m out of ink and out of ends
Hanging pictures like the wall suspends

Down your sink
Down your drain
Found your brain underground
With a plunger found right next to it
Add some text to it
Add some facts
Ask your dad for the keys and plan to never give them back
Went over and pushed the lever
For a lever is like a tack
I like to mack
But instead of running it
I ran you over with it
That was your four-leaf clover minute
But your luck has gone away
Like the prom today
But your hard corsage has been dipped
In a tangy sauce of fromage
And a punch across your face that stained your chin

Aiming to the target and releasing all my wares
Going to the market and decreasing all my funds
Walking on the carpet while I’m talking on the phone
Hopping on the freeway just to stay away from home
Putting crap on layaway for the Christmas yet to come
Outnumbered by a dreadful threat so I chose to run
Numbers in this world and even zero stands for none
Victims in the present are just heroes yet to come
Coordinated by this rhythm never give them all thumbs
Keep my fingers crossed ‘cuz bad luck is available
Keep my padlock locked ‘cuz of equipment in the house
Staying optimistic when I witness all the doubt
I doubted that your lack of fitness would get you off the couch
So I shot you with a time-bomb that I carry in a pouch
Keep my posture upright but when I'm tired I tend to slouch

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Launch Padlock Smithereen
  • 3 Look Within
  • 4 Pyramidi
  • 5 Clam Chowder Day
  • 6 Before the Thought
  • 7 Be Fulfilled
  • 8 The Music
  • 9 Sufi Niteclub
  • 10 My Education
  • 11 Mud
  • 12 Bop Nightmare
  • 13 Impulsive
  • 14 May Your Journey Be Filled With Light
  • 15 Une Cosa
  • 16 Swallow This Blanket
  • 17 Witch Doctor
  • 18 Can't Crossover
  • 19 Hair, Shoes & Eyebrows Part II
  • 20 Dub Funeral
  • 21 Childish
  • 22 Indecisive
  • 23 Sasquatch
  • 24 de Iruretagoyena
  • 25 Our Souls
  • 26 Formal Lecture on Poetry
  • 27 Alice in Acidland
  • 28 Organ Grinder
  • 29 The Earl of Nine Teas Walks With Kaleidescope Through the Streets of Yesteryear
  • 30 Washing Broken Dishes