Who Sang A Little Revival? Radney Foster and the Confessions

Release information
Release Date: 2009-9-1
Verse 1
Look at that boy in the river, soaking wet with faith
Look at that girl on the courthouse steps, saying things gotta change
There's that woman on the corner, handing out coffee and the word
She's listening to the working girls, the ones that never get heard
Every time I think I'm lost, that this world's nothing but luck
God always sends someone down, just to stir things up
Hallelujah, a little revival
A-men to love
Deep in my soul, a little revival
A-men to love

Verse 2
Rumbles down in your heart, you got something to say
Hey that kid with the guitar in the subway, he might change the world someday
If it's Jerusalem, or in Tiananmen Square
Didn't it all get started cause someone stood up somewhere


Between the dawn and the darkness
Ashes and the spark
My miracle moment
Was giving you my heart
Hallelu-you, a little revival
Amen to love
Deep in my soul, a little revival
Amen to love

Chorus X6

CD 1
  • 1 A Little Revival
  • 2 Forgiveness
  • 3 Until It's Gone
  • 4 Second Chances
  • 5 I Know You Can Hear Me
  • 6 Angel Flight
  • 7 Trouble Tonight
  • 8 Shed a Little Light
  • 9 I Made Peace With God That Day
  • 10 Life Is Hard (Love Is Easy)
  • 11 If You Want to Be Loved
  • 12 Suitcase
  • 13 A Little Revival (reprise)