Who Sang The Tree? Raein

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 1:41
Tree placed by the sea
An oniric vision you gave to me
Are you real or just a dream?
You hide the clouds of my destiny
My little sister is carving her name in your bark
Stepped by the rain
Her first love she gives to you
Keep it like a treasure until it's through
Feelings of peace you infused into me
But I've seen the end of this dream
Bearer of joy and prosperity
Bearer of the slipknot you are for me

CD 1
  • 1 The Tree
  • 2 The King Is Dead
  • 3 From 3 to 1 in 2 and 4
  • 4 Il n'y a pas de orchestre
  • 5 Tetraedycal Fluctuating Faster Than the Speed of Light
  • 6 Artmachine Observation Tower
  • 7 Miss Kelly Dathe
  • 8 Tigersuit
  • 9 She Wears My Blood
  • 10 I Was Fine Before You Came