Who Sang Theme for the Eulipions? Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Release information
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Jazz
Style: Post Bop
length: 9:44
remixer: Bob Liftin
producer: Joel Dorn
engineer: Bob Liftin
vocal: Maeretha Stewart
piano: Hilton Ruiz
spoken vocals: Betty Neals
bass: Buster Williams
woodwind: Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Romeo Penque
percussion: Joe Texidor
celesta: Hilton Ruiz
tuba: Howard Johnson
drums (drum set): Charlie Persip
you wouldn't forget him either
if you met im where i met him
talkin about desolation
desolation isi sraliorad station round about a 2am a\on w week night
you walk into desolation like that and suddenly out of nowhere comes a warm song you aren't about to forget it
thisis the first ime i've heard him at the airport
i know he moves along th epiers
he calls himself a journey agent
a eulipion
syas hi freinds the poets and the artists adn the musicians are eulipions
listen to his tune
he calls it the duty free gift for the traveller

if there were no song
you would have this song
to give warmth at night
and to keep you strong
it would make love a guess
spinning round and round
and when meteors fall
love would reach the ground
if there were no moon
to control the tides
there would be these notes
as the sail goes by
we woudl make song??
and the praises soft
on the offer of love
may you live it out

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