Who Sang Deep? Rain Delay

Rain Delay We Forget cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-10
length: 10:16
What is it about depression that makes you hide and think of death?
Wanting hugs, wanting kisses, not getting any
That person that can calm me couldn't be found
Play it good, play it loud.
Break something if that can make you calm.
The feeling of overloaded stomach, i am down inside.
And don't you dare touch me. I don't want to awake.
Every face is the same, looking for you.
Never know what is true, what won't hurt.
This blur look of mine is a clear show of every man's melancholy.
I want everyone to like me. Can i make it easy? Oh, how i want to cry.
Or is it just in the moment? Make me pathetic.
Will that help? And give it all away for that one kiss.
Drown you i will, if you're still alive.
That pressure that is on you,
does it mean something?
Can we a***yze it?
Can we make sense?
The sunset is now.
Sorrow is strong.
Moment is gone.
Crying won't help, but seeing you in eternal sleep.

CD 1
  • 1 Don't Fear the River
  • 2 Leaves' Frottage
  • 3 Waves
  • 4 Deep
  • 5 My Summer Sojourn
  • 6 Fulcrum
  • 7 In Early Somnolence
  • 8 Empty as I Am