Who Sang Empty as I Am? Rain Delay

Rain Delay We Forget cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-10
length: 6:02
Bottle empty as i am left ad wasted in this poison ivy, they call love.
Not so bad after all.
Don't feel sick, don't feel like crying.
This song is sad for other matter.
Savoir ce que je sous. Want to know. Want to set it up.
I need water with air, so i won't burst out.
Contradictions all around are scaring the children.
They don't know, but they feel. Voir aulas de nous.
Punishment always justified, hits you right in the spots, as i see it coming.
Opening myself towards it and taking a blow.
Taking what's coming.
It's so hard now, but no remorse.
And please, take it as a man. The only way you can.
Causer a soi meme.
I'd give my eyes to know if she even thinks of me, if she needs me.
I'd give my life to have her one more time.

CD 1
  • 1 Don't Fear the River
  • 2 Leaves' Frottage
  • 3 Waves
  • 4 Deep
  • 5 My Summer Sojourn
  • 6 Fulcrum
  • 7 In Early Somnolence
  • 8 Empty as I Am