Who Sang Jerusalem? Rain

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length: 9:14

An old burned out wreck of a guy came up to me on the streets of San Francisco the other day and said,
"A dollar for the secrets of life, son!" So I'm streetwise, I'm nearly 22, I gave him a dollar! And he wouldn't stop. I should have written it all down. When I came back a few days later they told me he'd collapsed and died just a couple of hours after I'd left him. Now nobody has the answers but me.
Wish you were here

"So Jerry's dead and Montana's moved on. The fog rolls in from the bay and everything is still. We're all looking for salvation, to be washed clean; all searching for something to redeem the terrible empty s***es in our lives... All that we've lost or never had. But maybe we're all so intent on being saved from death and pain that we forget to live. Perhaps there are some who can do both. If so, I'm not one of them. I'm just like
Horselover Fat, sitting watching the TV, waiting for a sign."

The city scrapes the heavens like a brilliant shooting star
With its towers of crystal, a lattice of light,
An anthem that comes from the streets in the night
And a chemical peacock, arrayed like a bride,
Solis in splendour with Zeus at her side
And the nebulous stray in the gutter
Who was grateful for the ride

See the lonely lighted window
Casts reflections on the asphalt
An ancient paper flickers at the glass
And you call these wonders commonplace
Dismiss them with your labels
And their beauty lies forever beyond your grasp
Look up to the heavens where the rainbow serpent flies
See him burning like a bullet train across the broken skies
Shedding ever changing colours in the fading of the night
And riding behind in the chariot gold
The Emperor of Light

And cry my name aloud, the angel standing in the sun
He has called me to the final supper of the Mighty One
And seated on high with the sword and the scales
The sceptre and stars and the coral vapour trails
With all the lost children, eyes burning with tears
Our rapture destroying the prison of fear
A silent farewell as the world disappears
In that golden hour I will lay me down
And stay the beating of my heart
And they'll cover me with a fist of sidewalk dust
And gazing though the darkened glass
I watch my final seconds pass
And know that I have built Jerusalem

Where our Banner of Stars is flying in glory

CD 1
  • 1 The Lammas Lands
  • 2 Parsifal
  • 3 Starcrossed
  • 4 The Silver Apples of the Moon
  • 5 Light and Magic
  • 6 Jerusalem
  • 7 Cerulean Blue