Who Sang Light and Magic? Rain

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length: 10:54

Hollywood really is another planet. You have to wade through the stardust here. I went out for a beer with the writer on an ultra low budget TV sci-fi. He said he could get me in as an extra. Maybe I'll be "third guy running away from the mutant lizard"! He said, "I sell my dreams for a living, pal - you'd never guess to look at me that I slept my way to the top!"
Wish you were here!
"In all my dreams I'm playing a part in a film. According to the therapists that means my life is insubstantial and unreal. But doesn't that go for everyone? Perhaps that's why we'd all love those benign and noble aliens to arrive in splendour and make all the petty cares and dross of our lives fade into insignificance."

High upon the silver screen the silver dreams are shining
The pioneers are breaking through their fragile silver lining
And floating through the bright array of psychedelic stars
Drifting in the shadows of the Demon Moons of Mars
The Trekkie is a form of life
But not as we know it

He knows how much we care about the dying planet's plight
And fear the lonely Theramin that haunts the desert night
He's raining down an avalanche of polystyrene rocks
And flies between the planets in his painted cardboard box
And how we laugh to see the tin can robot flip his lid
And hide our eyes to pacify the monster from the Id
Our hero crosses light years just in time to save the day
Dispatch the mutant lizards; send the Daleks on their way
Our paranoid projections spiral outward to the galaxies
The flight of our imagination has nowhere left to go
For a moment do we stop and think
What they would make of us?
Our childhood fears and photo plays projected on the skies
And this is what we've dreamed of, the greatest day in history
The moment when the earth stood still
And turned to look on high
Descending through the cloud-base in their majesty and light
They've come to take their children home
To put the record right
And so we dream the dreams of fools, a dollar at the door
The popcorn and the ice cream cones abandoned on the floor
The glowing pictures in our heads, the music in our ears
Back to face the daylight and our primitive confusion
Our heavy hearts and eyes turn to the heavens
Trapped within our cell of history
We cannot scale the prison walls of s***e and time
The dazzling future we will never see
Never see...


CD 1
  • 1 The Lammas Lands
  • 2 Parsifal
  • 3 Starcrossed
  • 4 The Silver Apples of the Moon
  • 5 Light and Magic
  • 6 Jerusalem
  • 7 Cerulean Blue