Who Sang The Silver Apples of the Moon? Rain

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length: 7:39

I met this sad crazy woman in San Diego. She was married to one of the guys who went to the moon on Apollo - apparently it's true!
She said to me, "My husband went to the moon and someone came back but it wasn't him." All she does is sit in her room and watch TV. She thinks he's still up there... somewhere...
Wish you were here

"This is no alternative lifestyle; this is the rank underbelly of the American dream. Famous for five minutes, chewed up and spat out in pieces, left alone to decay...That's the real problem with the constitution - the pursuit of happiness does not bring happiness."

A minor shooting star has fallen from grace
The fourteen days of fame run in lines across her face
The ticker-tape motorcade disappears without trace
Faint reflected glory left drifting in s***e
The second-hand significance she paid to embrace

Across the Sea of Ice, across the Sea of Scales
Across the Sea of Nightmares until the darkness fails
In the shadows of Endymion
The heroes of the skies
With Tycho, Kepler, Clavius
He holds his head up high
The opiated night
Raging at the needle and the dying of the light
The amniotic haze
The film grain fallout has settled on her face
The flicker of the screen
A power window on the soul, a monologue of death, a silent scream
"The dust gets in his hair
It makes him look so old
He finds it hard to breathe
The plateau is so cold

And he sees the madness cover me.... Like mould"

A hollow bullet launched into the purple velvet sky
The molten fragments fly apart and spiral down to die
In the s***e between the Gods and the silent, empty stage
Her vapid fever burning up her vacant life
Her bitter concrete cage

"He will wander forever across the Sea of Serenity."

CD 1
  • 1 The Lammas Lands
  • 2 Parsifal
  • 3 Starcrossed
  • 4 The Silver Apples of the Moon
  • 5 Light and Magic
  • 6 Jerusalem
  • 7 Cerulean Blue